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Real firearm enthusiasts know that gun ownership is a responsibility, and gun safety is serious business. It is much more likely for a family member to be injured with a firearm than for you to use it to protect them against intruders. These tragedies occur because of improper gun use, lack of training, and above all, improper storage. You can easily prevent accidental injury and death by storing your firearm in a safe place that only you can access. At Gun Safe Solution, our number one priority is to keep your family safe from harm - the same reason you purchased a firearm. We do so by offering compact vaults designed to safely store firearms and other small weapons.

Our miniature safes are virtually break-in proof and use the latest technology to ensure that only you can open them. We have classic compact styles that can only be opened with a key that you can keep on your person at all times. We also carry larger drawer gun vaults that you can fit right into your desk. These can be used for multiple firearms or for a variety of personal documents that need to be kept in a secure place, but also need to be easily accessed. Our more advanced micro vaults use the latest technology to allow you to input the access code while the safe is completely covered, preventing anyone from observing while you enter the code.

A lot of people don’t realize that the security of your safes can become compromised over time by the gradual buildup of moisture, which causes rusting that can make it easier to break open. Luckily, there are easy ways to prevent this. We carry firearm safe accessories that absorb moisture, prevent theft of the safe itself, and generally help you keep your firearms as secure as possible.


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